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Anderson Silva says he can make 170

Editor-in-Chief February 16, 2013

Native English speakers don’t hear Anderson Silva say much directly, but whenever something is reported as being said from “The Spider,” it’s always interesting. Silva might have one thing in common with his former nemesis Chael Sonnen: both seem to be brilliant media trolls. Sonnen uses his razor-sharp wit and gift of glib and gab. Silva, however, is more effective in conjuring up wild plots of his future plans. They’re often contradictory, but always outlandish. He has gone from saying he wants to box in the Olympics, to do Tae Kwon Do in the Olympics, to fight Roy Jones, to fight 10 more years, to retiring, and a million more claims. The latest one was relayed to UFC president Dana White, and that is that he can make welterweight and fight at 170. The prez said:

“Anderson would go to (170 pounds) too…Yeah, he said he’d do it. He says he can make (170) easy. It’s insane.”

It would be insane because he’s definitely not dropping down for a rematch with Patrick Cote or testing the waters against a newcomer at welterweight; he’d be going down to fight GSP. This goes back to the fight that was suppose to be set after UFC 112, where GSP said in Abu Dhabi watching Anderson fight Demian Maia, and ready to get into the cage in the steaming UAE heat and challenge Silva at 170. Silva was down to fight GSP at welterweight evidently back then, but Dana White pulled the plug on the fight because Silva pissed him off so royally by dancing around and not engaging against Maia, and making for a horrendous main event spectacle in the UFC’s debut in front of their Middle Eastern partners. So it could be another Anderson Silva troll job or he could actually be considering doing this. If he is serious, which is extremely hard to figure out, it would be a very intriguing fight with Pierre at 170. GSP has avoided moving up to fight Silva at 185, but the Canadian champion has stated in the past that he would be open to the idea of Anderson migrating south in weight to duke it out with him at welterweight. Let’s see if Silva can make the weight too. Sure Anderson fought back in the day at 167 but times have changed. Also back in the day Ryo Chonan submitted “The Spider,” as did Daiju Takase via a nifty triangle choke; both those occurrences are highly unlikely today. We’ll just have to wait and see if it’s another Silva bluff or if a superfight with St-Pierre and Anderson is on the horizon. Until anything is signed, don’t hold your breath.



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