Forrest Griffin’s new book: Be Ready When the Sh*t Goes Down: A Survival Guide to the Apocalypse

Product Description
In “Got Fight?”, Forrest Griffin and Erich Krauss unleashed their unique brand of humor teaching people how to get tough and become a man. Now in the sequel to their bestselling book, Griffin and Krauss teach people the ultimate form of manliness: surviving the coming apocalypse (it’s gotta come soon, so you might as well be ready). For years, Forrest Griffin has been waiting anxiously to find himself in a post-apocalyptic future. Why’s he so excited about the near-extinction of mankind? Think about it: with grooming an personal hygiene no longer a prerequisite to social acceptance, you can let your mutton chops grow and live out your secret fantasy of becoming Wolverine. You could kill squirrels with your bare hands, practice throwing knives all day, and never have to say ‘excuse me’ after farting. With actual survival tips, illustrations, and photos of Forrest showing off his wilderness, this book is a survival guide for everyone who thinks that the end is near and wants to embrace it rather than running for the hills. From eating in the wild to fighting dirty in a world that looks like Mad Max, this book is for people who look forward to the end of the world because it will allow them to stop wearing pants once and for all.

About the Author

Forrest Griffin is a top-ranked light-heavyweight mixed martial artist, winner of the first season of The Ultimate Fighter in 2005, and one of the UFC’s most beloved fighters. He’s a political science graduate from the University of Georgia and a former police officer, and can grow an awfully full set of muttonchops. Down, ladies; Forrest and his main squeeze, Jaime, live in Las Vegas.

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