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Ronda Rousey Quotes

Editor-in-Chief February 23, 2013

Ronda Rousey’s skills aren’t the sole reason for her rise to super-stardom. It’s also happens to do with the fact that’s very well-spoken and honest about her opinions. Here are some of her exceptional quotes.

-”My one fear is failure and that’s the one fear I have to face all the time. Yes, it’s uncomfortable to be scared but I’m finally comfortable being uncomfortable.”

-“I’m the most dangerous unarmed woman in the world. I’ve prepared my entire life to be that way. Whichever girl I’m going to fight, I’m sure that I’m going to find a way to win.”

-”Underestimating an opponent has never been a problem of mine, overestimating my opponents has always been my problem.”

-”My attitude changes considerably the closer that the fight gets, I become only the fighter, I feel myself narrowing as the fight gets closer. It’s like having blinders on; you know when the fight’s far away I could see everything else, and then it just narrows and narrows and narrows and narrows until it gets to like the moment of the fight where I see nothing else, I don’t see five minutes ago, I don’t see five minutes from now, it’s only completely the present. It’s an intense process and it’s hard to do and I see why a lot of people would not want to do it, but for some reason it’s what I feel like I’m meant for.”

-”I’ve been through so much that there isn’t much left that can scare me. I’ve felt the most pain that I could feel, and I’ve felt the most pressure that I could feel and there’s nothing else left. And I believe that I’m capable of doing anything.

-”That’s why I love fighting, because I get to have a big battle every couple months to make up for the little battles I have to forfeit every day”. -Ronda Rousey

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